N99 Canadian Made



Same Day Pickup Available Weekdays 9:00am - 4:00pm

Vitacore CAN99 Face Masks are the first N99 respiratory face mask Authorized by Health Canada and Made-In-Canada. This mask boasts a ≥99% filtration efficiency and a high fit test rate due to its flexible edges. We-Care is an authorized distributor of Vitacore products.

  • Shape: Fully Aluminum Nose Piece: MRI Compatible
  • Use: Primarily used by healthcare workers, front line workers, first responders, dentists and more
  • Grade: Medical, ≥99% filtration efficiency
  • Additional: Disposable
  • Authorized for Sale by Health Canada
  • IO Authorization 326642
  • Box: 25 masks per box
  • Carton: 500 masks per carton